Wear your contacts comfortably

The first and only compress clinically proven to extend comfortable wearing time of contact lenses.

Naturally antibacterial


Soothing & relaxing

Easy to use

Are dry, uncomfortable eyes causing you to trade contacts for glasses?

The Eyeleve® Contact Lens Compress was developed to specifically help contact wearers avoid dry, irritated eyes by unclogging glands that promote longer lasting natural tear flow. Eyeleve’s soothing moist heat also provides a chance to relax.

Eyeleve helps relieve symptoms of:

How does Eyeleve work?


Heat the Eyeleve Contact Lens Compress in the microwave for 20 seconds to activate the clean, even uniform heat.


Apply the compress over your eyes for 8 – 10 minutes for soothing relief as Eyeleve gently unclogs meibomian glands, allowing natural oils to hydrate and refresh your eyes.

Feel Relief

That's it! No messy wet towels, no fuss — just penetrating moist heat that relieves dry irritated eyes, improves comfort, and gives you more comfortable contact lens use each day.

Why Eyeleve?

Eyeleve was proven to extend the comfortable wear time of contacts by up to 3 hours daily at the University of Alabama’s School of Optometry.

That means comfortable lenses during:

The Eyeleve difference

Specially Designed Contour Stitch

Contour stitch in the center of each pod improves comfort by relieving pressure on the center of the cornea.

Antimicrobial EyeOnic™ Fabric

Fabric woven with antimicrobial silver threads help prevent infection.
Patented MediBeads technology


Only silver-infused MediBeads® absorb moisture into the center of the bead for uniform, extended heat without hot spots.

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