A College Packing List for Contact Lens Wearers

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It is a busy time of year for the next class of college-bound freshmen. You want your eyes to be ready for the academic demands of university life. From stacks of textbooks, slide presentations in lectures, and hours in front of digital screens, college demands a lot from you and your eyes.

Do you or your college-bound child have everything you need to keep your eyes healthy? With a natural Eyeleve heat mask for dry eyes, you can steer clear of the dry eye symptoms contact lens wearers commonly suffer from. Head off to academia ready for the visual demands of college by checking off this contact lens college-prep list.

1. See your eye doctor before you leave for college

Annual eye exams are essential for ensuring you have the best prescription and your eyes are healthy. If your prescription is outdated, you may be more likely to experience eye fatigue, computer vision syndrome, and headaches.

2. Stock up with extra sets of contacts and at least one extra pair of glasses

Wearing your contact lenses for too long can be harmful to your eyes and your vision. You may pull a lot of all-nighters, but you should never wear your contacts for longer than advised by your doctor. Be prepared to switch out your contacts on the go. Pack a sturdy contact lens travel case, supplies for study break changes (see eye hygiene below), and a spare pair of glasses in your backpack. Are you planning to have your new contacts delivered to you at college? It may take several months to figure out your new mailing address. Take an adequate supply of lenses to last you through the first few months to avoid running out when the college workload kicks into high gear.
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3 Reasons Why Contact Lens Wearers Should Maintain a Complete Eyelid Hygiene Routine

Whether you’re new to contacts or have been wearing them for years, proper eye hygiene is essential to keeping your eyes comfortable and healthy.

Pack a moist heat eye mask like the Eyeleve heated mask for dry eyes

The moist heat from Eyeleve’s ergonomically designed eye compress is clinically-proven to extend the length of time you can comfortably wear your contact lenses by three hours. Don’t let lens discomfort make you have to leave the library early. Make every minute you spend studying count!

When we stare at digital screens for long periods, we blink less often, which causes irritating symptoms of dry eyes. Blurry vision, stinging, and burning make long study sessions or movie marathons uncomfortable for college contact lens wearers. Studies have shown that worker productivity declines with increasing contact lens discomfort. Don’t let dry eyes cost you precious minutes of study time or time spent with friends!

Daily use of a moist heat eye mask like Eyeleve can help keep our eye’s natural lubricating system of tears working better. Easily warmed up in just 20 seconds in your microwave, Eyeleve’s reusable eye mask fits comfortably over your eyes. It might even block out the light from your night-owl roommate’s desk lamp as you try to fall asleep. Studies show that Eyeleve’s patented technology maintains the optimum heat temperature for as long as 10 minutes- the correct time and temperature necessary for kicking your eye’s natural lubricating system back into high gear.


Make your contact lenses more comfortable

Using a moist heat eye compress such as Eyeleve helps:

3. Follow easy eye hygiene steps to keep your eyes happy and healthy in contact lenses

You will likely have to share a bathroom somewhere down the hall from your dorm room, so personal hygiene becomes trickier in college, especially if you wear contact lenses. You are at greater risk of eye infections because you touch your eyes and eyelids more when you wear contact lenses. Packing hygiene supplies like easy-to-use, no-rinse Bruder Hygienic Eyelid Wipes can help wipe away dirt, makeup, or eye irritants easily and quickly. In addition, two sprays once or twice a day of Bruder Hygienic Eyelid Solution (containing pure 0.02% hypochlorous acid in saline) can help prevent and treat eye infections such as styes. Other products to consider adding to your college packing list for contact lens wearers include:

With a natural Eyeleve heat mask for dry eyes, you can steer clear of the dry eye symptoms contact lens wearers commonly suffer from.

If you are unlucky enough to get an eye infection or feel a stye coming on, moist heat from an eye compress like Eyeleve can work wonders. Moist heat penetrates more deeply than dry heat (like that from a heating pad) and brings blood and your body’s infection-fighting reserves to the infected area. This helps to speed healing, fight infection, and reduce inflammation. Eyeleve’s moist heat eye mask is covered in special antimicrobial fabric to help reduce infection risk. As a result, it is safer and more effective at preventing and treating potential eye infections than a soggy, dirty washcloth.

Start Your College Semester Off With The Right Supplies

College is not the time or place to be sidelined by contact lens problems. Help prepare for a successful first semester by adding Eyeleve’s washable and reusable moist heat eye mask to your packing list. With the right supplies packed, your transition to life as a college student wearing contact lenses can be hassle-free.

Ready to wear your contacts comfortably longer?