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Don’t Let Lens Discomfort Make You A Contact Lens Drop-out

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Are you distracted by contact lens discomfort? Do you have to take your contact lenses out before the end of your workday because they are so uncomfortable? Are you considering tossing your contact lenses altogether? You are not alone.
Hold on, though. Don’t return to your glasses just yet. Adding some moist heat therapy might just help you feel better so you can wear your lenses longer.

What Does Contact Lens Discomfort Feel Like?

Lens discomfort is a common, but potentially avoidable, side effect of wearing contact lenses. People report a range of symptoms including:

Why Do Contact Lenses Become Uncomfortable?

One out of every four contact lens wearers permanently discontinue wearing lenses. The most common reasons why people become contact lens “drop-outs” are dry eye, discomfort, red eyes, and expense. Possible causes of contact lens discomfort are:

"One-half of all contact lens wearers experience problems with dry eye syndrome."

What is Contact Lens Related Dry Eye?

People who wear contact lenses can develop both temporary dry eye symptoms and chronic dry eye syndrome. One-half of all contact lens wearers experience problems with dry eye syndrome.

Lenses disrupt the protective tear film on the surface of your eye and make it easier for your tears to evaporate more quickly. Tiny glands called meibomian glands line your eyelids and secrete oil to help maintain the tear film. These glands can stop working welI in some people, especially if you’re older than 50, take certain medications, or have certain medical conditions. If your meibomian glands aren’t working well, your contact lens discomfort might be even more pronounced.

How Does Moist Heat Therapy Help You Wear Your Lenses Longer?

Remember those tiny little glands and the slippery tear film mentioned above? Well, using a moist heat mask for dry eyes can help your glands work better, slow the rate at which your tears evaporate, and maintain your tear film. A recent study showed that regular heat therapy with a microwavable heat compress like Eyeleve, actually increased the length of time people could keep wearing their contacts. In fact, researchers found that people who use a heated eye mask for dry eyes are able to comfortably wear their lenses almost three hours longer than those who don’t.


Make your contact lenses more comfortable

Using a moist heat eye compress such as Eyeleve helps:
Using a heated eye mask daily is one way you can easily and affordably treat your dry eyes at home. The Eyeleve hydrating eye compress can save you from a lens refitting or a return to glasses. Moist heat dry eye therapy will also be easier on your wallet than frequent visits to your optometrist.
It is always a good idea to check in with your optometrist or ophthalmologist if you notice a sudden change in how your eyes feel or if at-home remedies, like the Eyeleve eye mask for dry eyes, do not help your lens discomfort. They can help rule out the possibility that your discomfort indicates a more serious problem.

Make A Hydrating Dry Eye Compress Part of Your Eye Care Routine

You brush and floss your teeth every day; why not do something to take care of your eyes every day? As with any change, it can be hard at first to make a new behavior a habit. As changes go, though, the Eyeleve moist heat hydrating compress makes it pretty easy. The Medibeads inside the compress take just 20 seconds to heat up in the microwave. They then provide an ideal therapeutic level of moist heat —no messy wet washcloth or uncomfortable gel pack. Just relax for 8-10 minutes and let the compress soothe your dry eyes.
Restoring the healthy functioning of your meibomian glands with a microwaveable eye mask can help you wear your contact lenses comfortably for longer. With its two-pod ergonomic design, antibacterial fabric and contour stitch to keep pressure off your eye during treatment, you can comfortably wear your Eyeleve dry eye compress morning, noon and night. You’ll wake up refreshed with healthy, well-lubricated eyes, ready to take on another day without glasses.
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