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How to get rid of a stye with moist heat


If you have ever had a stye, you know how annoying and uncomfortable they can be. The good news is that moist heat therapy can help your stye feel better faster. Say goodbye to these common, painful, eyelid bumps by using Eyeleve’s microwaveable eye mask.

As the windows through which we see the world, our eyes need some self-care too. Practicing eye and eyelid self-care can help you feel better in today’s stressful times.

What Is a Stye?

A stye forms when one of the glands inside or outside of your eyelid becomes blocked and infected, just like your skin’s tiny pores can become blocked. Usually, bacteria or germs from your skin cause the infection in your eyelid. A stye can also form when one of the oil glands on the edge of your eyelid becomes blocked.

Usually, you only get a stye on one eye at a time, although they can form in either eye.

Why Do You Get Styes?

If you do not wash your hands before changing your contact lenses, or if the area around your eyes is not clean, you can inadvertently transmit bacteria, dirt, or contaminated eye makeup to your eye and eyelids. If you have diabetes, acne, or a skin condition called seborrheic dermatitis, you are more likely to form styes. But, some every-day habits can also put you at risk for styes.

"If you do not wash your hands before changing your contact lenses you can inadvertently transmit bacteria, dirt, or contaminated eye makeup to your eye and eyelids."

Using expired or contaminated eye makeup increases your chances of having a stye, so don’t forget to replace your mascara, eyeliners, and eye shadows every 2-3 months. Do not share eye makeup.

Wearing fake eyelashes is another beauty-related stye risk factor. Bacteria can collect on eyelash glue and the eyelash itself. The glue can also block the oil glands on your eyelid.

Why Do Contact Lens Wearers Get More Styes?

Wearing contact lenses exposes your eyes (and eyelids) to more bacteria and dirt. You touch your eyes and lenses with your fingers more frequently than people who don’t wear contact lenses.

Tips For Preventing and Treating Styes

Most styes are harmless and will go away on their own. Some tips for keeping your eyes and eyelids healthy are:


To help prevent a stye

If your vision is affected in any way or the stye does not seem to be getting better after several days of home treatment, you should contact your ophthalmologist. They may prescribe medications like antibiotics to treat the infection.

How Do Heated Eye Masks Heal Styes??

Moist heat therapy with a microwaveable eye compress such as Eyeleve is better than dry heat for treating styes. The moisture allows the heat to penetrate more deeply. Heat speeds the healing of your stye in three ways:

Heat also helps to unplug and liquify the oil that may be blocking the glands on your eyelid. Freeing up the blockage helps your stye heal faster.

How Should I Use a Heated Eye Compress for My Stye?

You should apply a warm eye mask like Eyeleve to your eyelid 3-5 times a day, for at least 5-10 minutes. You can quickly heat Eyeleve’s silver-infused medibead eye hydrating compress in your microwave for 20 seconds, and it will stay warm for 8-10 minutes. No dripping wet facecloth to run under the faucet every minute or so. Eyeleve’s anti-microbial Eyeonic fabric covering is washable and helps to keep your eye area clean, bacteria-free, and reduces the risk of future infections.

Young female holding contact lens case

3 Reasons Why Contact Lens Wearers Need a Complete Eye Hygiene Routine

You may be cleaning your lenses with the best solution, but are you incorporating a complete eye hygiene routine?

Be Prepared For Your Next Stye

If you are a contact lens wearer, you most likely have already experienced the annoyance and pain of a stye. No one likes to have to stop wearing makeup or having to wear their glasses for several days.

A sore spot near your eyelashes can be an early warning sign of a stye. Applying a heated eye mask at the first sign of a stye can speed healing. You can reheat the Eyeleve microwavable eye mask over and over again.

Unfortunately, getting one stye makes it more likely that you may get another. You can help lower the likelihood of another stye by using your microwaveable eye mask on a regular basis. It is relaxing and feels good, whether you have a stye or not. If you develop a stye, Eyeleve’s hydrating eye compress can be your quick cure for this common eye ailment in contact lens wearers.

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