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If you wear contact lenses and have allergies, certain months of the year can be more uncomfortable than others. Fall allergy season typically ranges from mid-August until the first frost. Planning for fall allergy season by regularly using Eyeleve’s patented contact lens eye compress can help you feel comfortable longer when wearing your contact lenses. By making it a regular habit to relax with a heated eye mask once a day, you can ensure your eyes’ protective moisture maintenance system is in top working order before fall allergies strike.

Why Do Allergies Make Contact Lens Wearers’ Eyes Feel Drier?

Allergies are your body’s immune system response to certain foreign, irritating substances, called allergens. Allergies are worse for contact lens wearers because allergens in the air stick more easily to contact lenses than to the surface of your eye. It is these allergens that cause itchy, watery, swollen, dry eyes. The other culprit may be the antihistamine or allergy medications you take to keep your allergies at bay. Antihistamines are a common over-the-counter and prescription medication used to treat allergies. A side effect of all antihistamines is to dry out your mucus membranes, including those in your eyes. Unfortunately, antihistamines cause your eyes to make fewer tears and cause eye dehydration. Fewer tears cause dry eye disease.


Make your contact lenses more comfortable

Using a moist heat eye compress such as Eyeleve helps:

  • Improve eye dryness and irritation caused by lens wear
  • Increased the length of time you can comfortably wearing your lenses

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Which Fall Allergens Cause Trouble For Contact Lens Wearers?

All allergies are related to changes in temperatures and seasons. The major fall allergen is pollen. The three main fall allergens to blame for your itchy, dry eyes are:

  • Pollen, especially from ragweed 
  • Mold and mildew, found in piles of damp leaves
  • Dust mites and pet dander

Allergies caused by dust mites and pet dander tend to flare up during the fall, as cooler weather drives people and their pets indoors.

How Does Proactively Treating Dry Eye Syndrome Help With Fall Allergy Symptoms?

Allergens cause dry, dehydrated eyes. Contact lenses can also dry out your eyes by preventing your protective tear film from keeping your cornea moist. Add some antihistamines to this combination, and you have a recipe for allergic dry eye discomfort.

Using a moist heat eye mask daily will help you better weather the fall allergy storm, especially if you are a contact lens wearer. The combination of abundant tears and natural, nourishing oils from tiny glands lining your eyelids normally form a protective tear film to protect your cornea from allergens. Unfortunately, with age, some medical conditions, allergies, and contact lens use, the oil glands can stop working as well.  Dry eye disease happens when your eyes can not make enough tears to keep your eyes well-lubricated.

You can restore oil gland function by using a moist heat eye compress such as Eyeleve for just 8-10 minutes a day. Research shows that Eyeleve’s patented moist heat technology maintains the optimum temperature for healthy oil gland function for at least 10 minutes. This is much longer and more effective than a wet washcloth. Your tear film can better protect your cornea with regular eye mask use, and tears can flush away irritating allergens.

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Other Tips for Relieving Allergic Dry Eye Discomfort

  • Use moisture drops or artificial tear solutions for on-the-go relief
  • Wearing glasses (or sunglasses) if you are outside will help block allergens, such as pollen or dust mites, from landing in your eyes
  • Hygienic eye wipes can help clean away allergens from your eyelids and lashes
  • Be more diligent about regularly cleaning your lenses to make sure you wash away all allergens.If you use disposable lenses, you may want to swap out your lenses more frequently during fall allergy season.

Choose Eyeleve to Survive and Thrive Despite Fall Allergies

Millions of Americans suffer from allergies. For those who also wear contact lenses, fall allergens can spell severe eye discomfort. But, dry, itchy, and swollen eyes do not have to be a part of your fall season. With regular use of a moist heat compress like Eyeleve, you can fend off fall allergies with naturally hydrated eyes and a healthy tear film. Shop online or talk to your eye care professional about how Eyeleve products can help you optimize your eye health in the fall and year-round.

By making it a regular habit to relax with a heated eye mask once a day, you can ensure your eyes’ protective moisture maintenance system is in top working order before fall allergies strike.

Extend Your Comfortable Contact Lens Wear Time in College with a Regular Eye Hygiene Routine

Good eyelid hygiene has been shown to reduce contact lens-related dry eye symptoms and eye infections. However, contact lens wearers are at greater risk of eye infections that can cause blurry vision, such as blepharitis, pink eye, or styes. For contact lens wearers, a few time-savers make it easier for you to keep your eyes healthy on the go at college.

Using hypoallergenic, disposable eye wipes like Bruder Hygienic Eye Wipes are a great way to safely clean your eyes, even if you are away from your dorm room. Followed by two quick sprays of Bruder Hygienic Eyelid Cleaning solution over closed eyelids, this daily routine supports healthy eyelids and eyelashes.

If you happen to develop redness, irritation, or something like a stye, these eye hygiene products, combined with regular moist heat therapy from the Eyeleve eye mask, can help speed up healing. Eyeleve’s ergonomic eye pod design fits comfortably over even the sorest stye and delivers moist heat to help the stye and infection heal more quickly.

Keep Your Vision Clear with an Easy to Follow Daily Routine

You depend on your eyes and your contact lenses to help you see the world in front of you. Texting friends, reading the fine print, or studying harder than you ever had in your life- you need your eyes to perform at their best. Daily use of your soothing Eyeleve eye compress can help nourish your tired eyes, increase your productivity, and keep your vision in top-notch condition. College is no time to let blurry vision get in the way of living your best life.

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