Make the last few hours of the day as comfortable as the first

Eyeleve has been clinically proven to extend comfortable contact lens wear time.

Naturally antibacterial


Soothing & relaxing

Easy to use

1 in 5 contact lens wearers have dry eye–are you one of them?

If you wear contact lenses, you know irritation and dryness can shorten the time you’re able to wear them comfortably. Eyeleve was proven to extend the comfortable wear time of contacts by up to 3 hours daily at the University of Alabama’s School of Optometry.

Eyeleve helps relieve symptoms of:

Allergies keep you stuck inside? Eyeleve can help.

If dry and itchy eyes are keeping you inside or from wearing your contacts, Eyeleve can help. By gently unclogging your eye’s meibomian glands, Eyeleve helps your eyes stay hydrated and fresh all day long.

Trouble exercising in contacts? No sweat.

Gone are the days of losing a dry contact lens while out on a jog–the Eyeleve contact lens compress helps your eyes’ natural oils keep your lenses hydrated and comfortable. 

Long night of gaming? Make it comfortable with Eyeleve.

Dry eye–a boss half of contact lens wearers face. Help relieve dry eye symptoms and digital eye strain while upping your game with the Eyeleve Contact Lens Compress.

Wear your contacts comfortably all day long